Safety Care Pendants with Fall Detector and GPS Tracking

Alert systems you and your family can depend on

Safety Care Pendant with Fall Detector and GPS Tracking

An alert system you and your family can depend on

Simple devices that provide immediate help in an emergency, no matter where you are and gives your family and friends peace of mind.

No weekly Monitoring Fees​

14-day Money Back Guarantee

Free Delivery and Setup

Small, easy to use with one SOS button for emergencies.
Easy charging, pendant drops into the cradle, NO fiddling, easy!
Easy to use, with one push of a button in an emergency.
Lightweight and easy to wear

Introducing the
JNY 'Medifone'
4G Safety Care Pendant

Lightweight and easy to use with inbuilt FALL DETECTOR FEATURE, means you will always have help when you need it.

  • Easy to use charging cradle

  • 8 contacts can be programmed into the pendant

  • Led screen provides battery level, signal strength, time, & date

Great value at $499

Price includes:
  • Medifone 4G Pendant with lanyard.
  • Charging cradle
  • 12-month warranty and a 14-day money back guarantee.
  • Free delivery
  • Free set up – just take it out of the box and wear it!
  • After sales service for the life of the pendant- we are only a phone call away!
  • Watch strap, belt pouch and shower bag can be purchased for $15 each.    

Call to find out more
0416 000 194

A JNY Safety Care Pendant - helps the whole family.

Medical emergencies such as falls, heart attacks, strokes, security concerns or just locating a loved one, are times when a JNY Safety Care Pendant can help.

If you’re out with the grandkids or out walking; you can feel secure knowing that family or friends of your choice can see your GPS location on their computer or mobile phone.

The JNY Safety Alert Pendant is also ideal for those who wander, those are unstable on their feet and those who wish to feel more secure when out alone.

Did you know...

A JNY Safety Care Pendant is a life saver!

Order your 'Medifone' Today

Just $499

(includes first 6 months of sim credit)
After 6 months we will invoice you $49 for the following 12 months Sim monitoring.

Includes a 14-Day Money Back Guarantee

What's included?

Features other personal alert systems don’t have:

Traditional medical alert systems usually have a range of only 50-100 metres, restricting you to the confines of your home, which is no good for active or independent seniors.

The JNY Safety Care Pendant works wherever the wearer goes, giving confidence and freedom to be active and independent.

The 'Medifone' Features include:

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