Being Great

Great people inspire me! Yes, they do, people from all walks of life doing great things, living their lives to the full and contributing positively to their communities. To say that this makes me happy and in awe of their feats is an understatement. Every day I meet with seemingly ordinary folks who live extraordinary lives.

So, what defines being great and just what is being extraordinary?

Let me introduce you to a few of the amazing people I have had the pleasure to meet recently, people whose greatness is an example to us all.

Meet Mary

Mary is in her 70’s, she is bubbly, articulate and full of energy. Mary uses and a computer and is constantly on ‘Google’ learning new skills and improving her online abilities. Mary still drives around and walks the streets as an Avon Lady and remains social and full of enthusiasm for life.

Mary has almost lost her eyesight, she is able to drive around the corner to the shop however it won’t be long before what sight she has diminishes completely. Asking Mary her thoughts on life without her sight amazed me as she takes everything in her stride and lives a full life in the present. We can’t control our future but we can enjoy our now………………. wise words from Mary.

Meet Pam

Pam is a 92-year-old young woman who has just returned from Tai Chi in the park on a cold winters day, albeit with a broken arm!

”I suppose I could be classed as an active senior?”  Pam said, in reference to our advertisement.

Whatever possessed Pam to leave her warm houses and stand in a cold park at 7 am?

“LIFE” she said, “that’s it, my amazing life. You see life is about being present and at our age it’s not about money, it’s about what we can do, what we can squeeze into each day. Life is so short and I’ve really enjoyed mine. Of course, there have been tough times but also many, many beautiful ones and today was one of them, we laughed and laughed at the adapted broken arm Tai Chi moves!”

 Meet the former Politician

Love them or loathe them politicians are all human and just like the rest of us aging is inevitable.

Last week I had coffee with an ex Deputy Premier from times past and at a cool age of late 70’s proves the theory that we are never too old. Using his experience, skills and contacts he is now helping small business’s by championing their cause to improve success rates.

Seniors have a great deal to offer to our communities; a multitude of experience, skill sets, communication and leadership as well as a healthy attitude to commitment.

Being great is nothing new, my Great Aunt started yoga at 72 and then went on to teach.


Kenneth Jones, from Northern Ireland, was 83 when he ran this year’s London marathon. In fact, he was less than a month from turning 84.

Madonna Buder, 83, a marathon runner and a nun, Doris Long, 100, who took up industrial climbing when she was 85 and 102-year-old Cyclist Robert Marchand all defy aging and live their passion and life to the fullest.

There are many of us with talents and the ability to give, from telling our stories for future generations, teaching young people to cook on a budget, using our area of expertise to coach and mentor, creating memories with our grandchildren or just simply getting out there and doing stuff we love………you know, the bucket list stuff.

If you so desire; you are never too old to learn new tricks, reinvent your self or contribute actively to your community.

Why not give it a try!


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