Don’t ever let it be too late!

A few weeks ago I received a phone call before 9 am from a customer inquiring about our safety alert pendants. Now this is not uncommon in fact our phone calls often start hours earlier.  What was unusual though was the conversation that pursued and it got me thinking about my own life, my motivation…………or sometimes lack of and my attitude to life.

You see the woman in question was only 89 years old and she had just returned from her Tai Chi class in the park, apologising for the early call. She was inquiring about our pendants for herself and her 92-year-old friend who had also been to Tai Chi albeit with a broken arm preventing her from doing all the moves!

”Were the pendants suitable?” She asked, ”I suppose we could be classed as active seniors?” in reference to our advertisement.

Dammit here is when the reality check hit………………yep and real hard. They had been more active that morning than I had even contemplated. Here was a 92-year-old with a broken arm turning up to a Tai Chi class in the park on a cold winters day and I had barely thrown myself together to make it to the office knowing the run I had rescheduled until tonight would possibly never happen.

Whatever possessed Marg (not her real name hehe!) and her friend to leave their warm houses and stand in a cold park at 7 am?

“LIFE” she said, “that’s it, my amazing life. You see life is about being present and at our age it’s not about money, it’s about what we can do, what we can squeeze into each day. Life is so short and I’ve really enjoyed mine. Of course there have been tough times but also many, many beautiful ones and today was one of them, we laughed and laughed at the adapted broken arm Tai Chi moves!”

I thought about Marg’s words, how long am I going to keep thinking about all the things I want to do? I don’t have to be good at them I just need to try them, enjoy them. I remember my great Aunt starting yoga at 73 and teaching us all how to stand on our head…ouch!

Life IS too short, it doesn’t wait for huge bucket list goals. While we don’t know what is around the corner we do know what makes us happy, what we’d love to be doing and many of these goals cost us little or no money but bring  hours of pleasure. It’s purely a matter of fitting them into our lives and actually doing the ideas that we so often think about. So I created my doable bucket list.

Here are a few ideas to help get you started;

Learn to use a computer
Read 100 books in a year
Go skydiving or hot air ballooning
Run a marathon or 5 km park run or walk
Spend an afternoon at the beach each week reading
Travel each year, month or week
Meet friends for coffee each week
Join a club or class
Learn a language
Learn to play computer games
Take up a hobby
Take a cruise
Learn a craft or new skill
Start a small business
Start writing – start with anything, poetry, blog, letters, journal, book
Learn to dance, or better yet, just dance
Join a singing group or choir
Have a spa or massage (every month)
Ride a bike
Go on a shopping tour
join a yoga class
Record your memoirs
Record your old favourite recipes………and bake and eat them!
and the list goes on.

So instead of watching the skydivers each Sunday from my balcony and telling myself I’m going to do that one day, I’ve found the phone number to book and give it a go………………………it’s a start and, well, maybe in Summer!

Going back to the phone call, I asked Marg if she would like me to come out and demonstrate our pendants to her Tai Chi group, ‘’I’m not sure they would appreciate that; they’re all 30 – 40 years younger than us.’’  Oh Marg, aint attitude grand!

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