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How it works

Why JNY Safety Alert over other systems?

The big advantage is that the JNY Safety Alert will work anywhere there is mobile phone coverage and the person can talk directly into the pendant. This means communication is always available and not restricted to the home.

Even if you are unable to talk, the unit will send out 3 location texts to your contacts letting them know you are in trouble or have fallen and your location.


Other common questions

 This is one of the great advantages of the JNY pendant over other systems. The pendant does it all. Its doesn’t need anything else to work with it. The only requirements are that the people being contacted have a mobile phone for it to call in an emergency.

The pendant has a Water Proof rating (IP65).
It is fine in any weather, and is showerproof but if you want to wear it while bathing, we recommend the JNY SafetyCare Shower Bag.
Because of the electronics GPS pendants are not made for showering and soap or shampoo can infiltrate and damage the electronics. We have our own waterproof bag that when the pendant is placed in, it will be totally waterproof and will eliminate the possibility that chemicals used while bathing could disable your Lingo and void it’s Warranty

Yes. We suggest you put 2 mobile numbers first. If you have 3 contacts even better as all 3 will know your location.

000 cannot get a GPS location. There will be times you don’t need an ambulance so when it rings your 1st contact you can ask them to come over and help if it’s minor. If you need an ambulance, just tell your contact when the pendant calls them. They can then hang-up and call 000 and send to you as they know your location.

Your contact will be calmer and can also tell them where keys are hidden or code to Key Safe lock.

It’s a unique system that picks up the thump if you pass out or fall. It plays a tune for 15 seconds (FDC Model) or announces A fall has been detected for 10 seconds (Lingo)  in the case of a false alarm which allows it to be cancelled. If not stopped it will send out distress texts to contacts.

You have a 12-month guarantee. If the unit is faulty (subject to no misuse) then it will be replaced with a new unit if it cannot be repaired. You have a 14-day money back guarantee. (minus setup and postage – $50.00)

NO… for an alert to be sent out the SOS button needs to be pressed for 2 seconds until it vibrates or announces its activation,(LINGO).  If however the Fall Detector is turned on then it is possible for it to receive a knock and think you have fallen.  Both models give a 10 second warning to allow it to be cancelled.

FDC Model

This sits in a cradle to charge. Place the pendant into the cradle and push it down (by wiggling the pendant) until it clicks into place and vibrates.


Connect the USB end of the charging cord to the wall plug, ensuring that when plugged into the power outlet, the power is switched on. Connect the other end of the charging cord to the back of the Lingo as shown in the illustration.

Charging your JNY Safety Care Lingo pendant


Charging your JNY Safety Care Lingo pendant.
      Place the charging cord onto the Pendant.

Charging your JNY Safety Care Lingo pendant      The charging cord will attach securely.


We recommend charging your pendant each night as you get into bed. 

Should the battery charge get low your first contact gets a “battery low” text – this is a safety feature. The Lingo will announce BATTERY LOW at 40% and RECHARGE NOW again at 20%. and still send a text message to No.1 when under 15%.

FDC Model

To change the first contact:
From your mobile, send a text message to the pendant’s phone number with A1, and then the phone number of the first contact. There should be no gaps, for example: A1,0400000000

The pendant will send a reply with ‘’Contact 1 ok.’’

To change the second contact:

From your mobile, send a text message to the pendant’s phone number with A2, and then the phone number of the second contact. There should be no gaps, for example: A2,0400000000

The pendant will send a reply with ‘’Contact 2 ok.’’

To change the third contact:
From your mobile, send a text message to the pendant’s phone number with A3, and then the phone number of the third contact. There should be no gaps, for example A3,0400000000

The pendant will send a reply with ‘’Contact 3 ok.’’

You can text “STATUS” and it will send back the 3 numbers stored in it.

For the Lingo text  to the pendant’s phone no.  0000,A71,newnumber,newnumber,newnumber,,  This will add the 3 numbers you wish to be in the pendant. When completed text  0000,A70 to the pendant. The returning text will show the numbers now in the pendant.

Send a text message with the word LOC to the pendant (FDC model)  or just call the pendant’s phone number, let it ring once and hang up (Lingo) and it will send back the pendant’s location. Great if you have a loved one that walks a lot or uses a gopher or sufferers from dementia.

A person upon pushing the button not only talks to contacts but the Alert is also sending the location via a google map text to 3 contacts. It’s simply a matter of opening it and opening the URL to gain location to 10 metres.

Yes. As soon as your contact answers just tell them the situation and they can dial 000 for you.

Yes, as with a mobile phone it doesn’t matter where you are. It will always send back your location no matter where you are.

Yes. They are quad-band, compatible in all countries worldwide. You also need your service provider to turn on international roaming.

This product has passed all the relevant Australian Standards including AS/NZS 60950-.1:2011+A1, AS/NZS CISPR 22:2009+A1, AS/CA S042.4:2015, AS/ACIF S042.4:2015, AS/NZS 2772.1 SAR. A full set of test reports and compliance documentation is kept by JNY Safety Care.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed! Within 14 days of receiving your order, if you are not 100% satisfied, call us.

Should you request a refund, the amount refunded will exclude the cost of the SIM card, set up and postage.

If you agree to post back your device within 1 week after calling us within the 14-day guarantee and the device arrives in working order, you will be refunded a full amount minus $60. The non-refundable portion of $60 covers SIM activation, programming, and postage and handling when we first delivered the device to you.

– Return / Refund Policy Last Updated 06 August 2021

The JNY Safety Pendants are warrantied for one (1) year from the date of purchase when used under normal conditions, appropriately cared for and maintained.

At the discretion of JNY Safety Pendants, repair or replacement may include new and/or refurbished parts up to the value of the unit being repaired or replaced.

The warranty does not apply if there is:

(1) evidence of water infiltration.

(2) damage to the recharge insertion point.

(3) power, electrical or voltage surge.

(4) damage caused by accident, excessive heat, abuse, misuse, flood, fire, lightning, or earthquake.

Do not return your JNY Safety Pendants by post until you first call us to ascertain what the problem may be, and we confirm that returning the unit is necessary. Australian Consumer Law may imply warranties or conditions or impose obligations upon JNY Safety Pendants that cannot be excluded, restricted, or modified.

This must be read subject to these statutory provisions. Under these provisions your rights as a consumer include statutory guarantees that goods supplied to you will be of acceptable quality and will be fit for any notified purpose.

To the extent that the applicable law does not permit the disclaimer of warranties, the product is warranted only to the minimum amount legally required.

– Warranty Last Updated 06 August 2021

We endeavor to post your order within 24-48 hours after you provide us with the information needed to activate your SIM card and program your unit.

We use Australia Post with tracking numbers.

All orders over $100 will receive free Australia Post tracked delivery.

All orders under $100 will be sent via Australia Post tracked delivery and incur a $9.99 shipping fee.


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