Too young for a Personal Emergency Pendant? Think again!

JNY Safety Care supports you with using your personal emergency pendant.
Our pendants have many features.

This year we released our new ‘Lingo’ emergency pendant and we asked people what they thought the benefits were of having a personal emergency pendant. The majority told us: it provides an alarm at home if we fall down, it dials 000 if I’m feeling unwell, I really don’t need one yet. Surprised?

The pendant works wherever the wearer goes, giving you confidence to be active and independent. It works wherever a mobile phone would work. You don’t need a phone line, a mobile phone or the NBN to use our pendants. The pendant works as a stand alone device. With a built in fall detector and GPS tracking you can be sure that getting help is quick and effective. The fall detector notifies your contacts if you pass out.

Press the SOS button if you fall or in an emergency and the pendant will talk to you loud and clear. Next, an auto text of your GPS location will be sent to your 3 contacts and the pendant will dial contact 1. As well we can program the voice prompts to speak in any language of your choice. The video below explains this feature.

Remembering everything

We will program the pendant with scheduled reminders at your request. It will announce, its time to get up, its time to take your medication, its time to go to bed. We will program it to sound at any time of the user’s choice. You can choose different settings on different days. We program it, all you need to do is wear it. Remembering everything you need to do uses up valuable energy, the pendant remembers for you.

On falling

Unfortunately, I realised the benefits of wearing our Lingo pendant the hard way, returning to work after spending 8 weeks in bed with Crohn’s disease (and no I wasn’t wearing an emergency pendant). That week I had a fall, a result of low blood sugar and my medication timing was a complete failure. I found it difficult remembering to take my medication and eat regularly; a reminder would have helped. Falls can happen at any age, the emergency pendant is a support tool if the unthinkable happens.

I’m only 56 years old…… too young for a Personal emergency alarm pendant?

No way, think again. This emergency pendant is the easiest, lightweight device I own. I keep it under my shirt and no one sees it. It’s easier to push a button when I fall and I now receive reminders throughout the day; its time to take my medication, or eat some food, or sit down and take time out!

For more information on what our pendant can do checkout our video or call us on 0416 000 194.

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